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✅ Non-destructive testing is one of the non-invasive and non-contact methods that allow us to ensure the correct operation of the structure without damaging it. Since non-destructive methods do not damage the structural components, it saves time and money. On the other hand, historic buildings have been exposed to considerable damages over time, and even after protective measures, they need constant monitoring and control.

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✅ Motifs and symbols have had a high status in Iranian art. These motifs contain the experiences, cultural and religious beliefs of their time, so they help to understand better the evolution of the thoughts of the people of their time. One of the important features of Achaemenid works of art is the decorative motifs used in it, affecting the art of different historical periods profoundly. One of the most frequent motifs used in Achaemenid art is the eagle, a bird associated with the sky and the sun.

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✅ Apprehension of how archetype symbol affects pathways as a symbol of boundary, universe change, junction, and separation of inside and outside is significant. This analytical-qualitative historical research aims to study the symbolism of archetypes and the force of collective unconscious creation in pathways. What is the impact of archetypes on the history of pathways? 

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